Dependency Injection Container for PHP 5.2

PHP 5.2 dependency injection container updated.


While the DI52 project is not a new one I wanted to refresh it to add some functionalities, as much as PHP 5.2 allows, to make it work “like” pimple in some respects.
I’ve pushed version 1.0.2 to GitHub; here’s the README file and here’s a little code to show its inner workings.
Given the SomeClass class:

class SomeClass{

        protected $one;
        protected $two;
        protected $hash;

    public function __construct(ClassOne $one, ClassTwo $two, $hash){
        $this->one = $one;
        $this->two = $two;
        $this->hash = $hash;

Then the dependency injection container could be used like this:

$container = new DI52();

$container['var'] = 'Some variable';
$contaner['one'] = 'ClassOne';
$contaner['two'] = 'ClassTwo';

$container['some-class'] = array('SomeClass', '@one', '@two', '#var');

While PHP 5.2 does pose some limits some can be overcame with a dependency injection container and some good will.

I appreciate your input