TDDing with function-mocker

Where I start TDDing a small WordPress component using function-mocker.

The idea

I’m trying to create a re-usable component capable of abstracting the operations needed to schedule an action using WordPress Cron functions into a re-usable plug-and-play object.
Right now I will write the smallest possible piece of code strict TDD allows writing without writing a test first: the interface the class will expose.

The interface

Pretty much self-explanatory in its methods the idea is to lay down “the final result” any other component will interact with:

namespace Schedule; use Schedule\Activation_Time\Activation_Time_Interface; use Schedule\Recurrence_Interval\Recurrence_Interval_Interface; interface Schedule { /** * Checks if an hook is scheduled or not. * * @param $hook * @param array $args * * @return bool */ public function is_scheduled( $hook, array $args = null ); /** * Schedules an event. * * @param $hook * @param Activation_Time_Interface $activation_time * @param Recurrence_Interval_Interface $recurrence_interval * @param array $args * * @return mixed */ public function schedule( $hook, Activation_Time_Interface $activation_time, Recurrence_Interval_Interface $recurrence_interval, array $args = null ); /** * Removes an event from the schedule. * * @param $hook * @param array $args * * @return mixed */ public function clear_schedule( $hook, array $args = null ); /** * Schedules a single event. * * @param $hook * @param Activation_Time_Interface $activation_Time * @param array $args * * @return mixed */ public function schedule_single_event( $hook, Activation_Time_Interface $activation_Time, array $args = null ); /** * Updates the schedule for an event. * * @param $hook * @param Activation_Time_Interface $activation_Time * @param Recurrence_Interval_Interface $recurrence_Interval * @param array $args * * @return mixed */ public function reschedule( $hook, Activation_Time_Interface $activation_Time, Recurrence_Interval_Interface $recurrence_Interval, array $args = null ); } 

The idea is not to make anything revolutionary but to develop a TDD WordPress component using the function replacement possibility function-mocker offers and test the tool in the process.

I appreciate your input