I did not re-invent the wheel today

While in an effort to insert a post into a WordPress database using a SQL query (abstracted by Codeception methods but requiring parameters nonetheless) I’ve run into the need to generate random content; random “lorems” specifically.
On my way to create an ad-hoc LoremMaker class it struck me that I might not be the first to have such a need.
Not wanting to resort to hardcoded lines like

$defaults = array( ... 'post_content' => 'Post content here.', 'post_title' => 'Post title', ... ); 

which could make some test artificially pass or fail I’ve opted for Samuel Williams Lorem Ipsum Generator to be able to write code like

$loremMaker = new Generator(); // create a default value array $title = $loremMaker->getSentences(1); $content = $loremMaker->getParagraphs(3); $defaults = array( ... 'post_content' => $content, 'post_title' => $title, ... ); 

While setting up and maintaining a Composer WordPress plugin, theme or generic PHP component might be a chore it really pays off time after time.

I appreciate your input