Generating a WordPress plugin installation link url

Last in a series of functions that might prove useful to me in the future is the one to generate a valid WordPress plugin installation url like the one found in thePlugin > Add New search results screen

Installation link
Installation link

I’ve used the function in a contextualized form to generate an helpful die message for a plugin missing requirements.

/** * Generate an installation URL for a plugin like the ones found on the Add New Plugin search results screen. * * @param string $pluginSlug The plugin slug (e.g. "Hello Dolly" plugin slug is "hello-dolly") * * @return string The plugin installation url */ function generatePluginInstallationLinkUrl($pluginSlug) { $installUrl = admin_url('update.php?action=install-plugin&plugin=' . $pluginSlug); $installUrl = wp_nonce_url($installUrl, 'install-plugin_' . $pluginSlug); return $installUrl; } 

The function is stored in a gist for convenience.

I appreciate your input