wpcept CLI utility usage example

Scaffolding WordPress test cases using Codeception

In the previous post I’ve presented the addition of WP Loader to the WP Browser package and presented a simple end-to-end workflow example.
After creating the test case using Codeception CLI interface like

codecept generate:phpunit functional SomeClass 

I’d go into the class and modify it to extend WP_UnitTestCase in place of PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase, that task would have to be carried out for each and every test case created to avoid database-related error during the tests making use of a wrapped WordPress automated testing suite.
To streamline test scaffolding I’ve added the wpcept script to the package: the script is a drop-in replacement for the codecept command with the added possibility to generate a ready to use WP_UnitTestCase file using the usual format

 wpcept generate:wpunit <suite> <class> 

and have a test case like this one scaffolded

<?php class SomeTest extends \WP_UnitTestCase { protected function setUp() { } protected function tearDown() { } // tests public function testMe() { } } 

I appreciate your input