BDD-like PHPUnit snippet for Sublime Text

While I’m trying to figure out how to obtain the same result in PHPStorm I’ve created a Sublime Text snippet to have PHPUnit test methods read like this

/** * @test * it should do something */ public function it_should_do_something() { $this->markTestIncomplete(); } 

The reason is that I like phpspec test method naming convention, behaviour oriented, in place of the classic testSomething PHPUnit one.
I will update testify in a short time but right now here it is the snippet code:

<snippet> <content><![CDATA[ /** * @test * it should ${1:do something} */ public function it_should_${1/\s/_/g}() { \$this->markTestIncomplete(); } ]]></content> <tabTrigger>should</tabTrigger> <scope>source.php</scope> </snippet> 

what’s typed in the test doc block will be transformed in the underscore separated method name.

I appreciate your input